Apply to our Mentorship Program

Apply to our Mentorship Program

Mentor and Mentee Applications Due By April 30th!

Thank you for your interest in the City Hall Fellows Network mentorship program and your commitment to local government and public service! Apply below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The application deadline has been EXTENDED due to the coronavirus restrictions.
Program activities are set to begin after May 15th and can be conducted virtually if needed.
You may complete an application for either mentor or mentee below and submit by April 30, 2020.


Application Information

CHF Mentorship Program Requirements

  • Commit to a minimum of 4 hours per month (over six months) to support your mentorship relationship and your personal growth within the program
  • Reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and be able to attend occasional after work events in central San Francisco and Oakland
  • Participate in at least six one-on-one mentorship meetings, three of which must be in-person
  • Attend the program kick-off event, completion event, and at least two other group events with relevant topics and/or guest speakers tailored to the interests of the program cohort

Mentors - APPLY HERE

Local government encompasses many fields of expertise and career paths, and we are focused on providing making great mentorship matches with mentees accepted into the program. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to apply, so we have a wider range of talented mentors, which will lead to better mentorship pairings with more overlapping career interests.

Preferred criteria for mentor applicants:

  • Passionate about serving in local government and how a local government career and have a positive community impact
  • Have completed 3+ years of work experience in local government; in certain cases we are happy to consider those who have recently transitioned out of local government but maintain a strong network within local government

Mentees - APPLY HERE

Preferred criteria for mentee applicants:

  • Strongly motivated to work in local government as a way to positively impact your community
  • Have completed a four-year undergraduate degree
  • Have completed 0-3 years of work experience in local government, or are actively trying to transition into a local government career
  • Generally under the age of 30, though we may consider older applicants where their interests align with one of our mentors