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Our work has been covered by a wide range of media outlets over the years.  Start with a few highlights, or check out the comprehensive list:


A Few Highlights


“For decades, San Francisco’s young college graduates had shunned municipal work, and in 2005, 43 percent of the city’s workforce was older than 50. In 2007, a city study showed that 36
percent of management-level employees would be eligible to retire within five years, representing a looming brain drain that could inhibit the city’s and county’s ability to function, much less to innovate. To implement intelligent and intentional workforce and succession planning, and to build continued workforce excellence, the San Francisco Department of Human Resources made a concerted effort to recruit and develop a new generation of talent. That effort is City Hall Fellows ….”  read more


“As the populations of America’s cities increase, demographics shift and U.S. competitiveness is challenged, cities are facing increasingly complex issues that require sophisticated solutions. Yet tens of thousands of baby boomers who operate city governments are approaching retirement, while surveys show that more than 80 percent of college students express no interest in government work. Bethany Henderson, a Harvard Law School graduate and former New York City Urban Fellow (pictured above at far right), finds this “perfect storm” alarming, and is working to attract young talent to serve as our next leaders….” read more


“A perfect storm, triggered by shortages of dollars and skilled personnel, faces the city and county governments of America. But a small, promising flame of reform has been lit. Its aim is to draw in highly
skilled young college graduates on a “Teach for America”-like formula….”  read more

“When recent college graduates go prospecting for public service jobs, few bother to drop off their résumés at city hall. ‘Local government is not even on their radar,’ admits Micki Callahan, San Francisco’s human resources director. Across the country, many big cities face the same empty pipeline just as a wave of baby boomers prepares to retire. A new program  dubbed City Hall Fellows is designed to bring eager young faces into municipal government….”  read more


Chris Gustafson has learned lots of things already from his stint as a City Hall Fellow. A high-powered recent graduate of Arizona State University, Gustafson is the kind of born wonk who’s happiest when discussing political redistricting. He aims to work someday as a national policy adviser. At the Houston Fire Department, though, he’s seeing government at a very different level and scale: close-up and nitty-gritty….”  read more


“As the baby boom generation continues to retire and leave public service, there’s a scarcity of people who are willing to work in municipal government.  To address this issue, Baton Rouge
is launching a new initiative in the fall called City Hall Fellows…”  watch the video



Comprehensive List

This list is arranged chronologically, starting with the most recent coverage.  Links are provided to content currently available online.

City officials and residents demonstrate against civil sidewalks measure
The Daily Californian (Aug. 20, 2012)

City Hall Fellows Study Sit/Lie Law
KezarGardens blog (Aug 2012)

Sit/Lie Law Primarily Enforced in Haight
San Francisco Chronicle (Aug. 5, 2012)

Sit/Lie Law Only Successful at Harassing the City’s Aging Homeless, Report Says
SFWeekly (May 24, 2012)

America’s Crown Communities 2011: Despite a challenging economy, communities complete projects with broad effects
American City & County Magazine (Jan. 2012)

Leading on the Local Level (October 7, 2011)

Bethany Rubin Henderson: Visionary Activist & Developer of Leaders
Mortar Board blog (6/16/11)

Entrepreneurs Reboot City Government, Wanted: New City Leaders
Next American City (Summer 2011)

Five Questions: Emily Patrick, City Hall Fellow
Currents (Spring 2011), p.12

Henderson encourages students to “stay local’
The Dartmouth (2/18/11)

Do-Gooders’ Awarded Grants for Nonprofit Work
The Advocate (Nov. 20, 2010) 

Coda: Bethany Rubin Henderson
Currents (Oct. 2010, p. 58)

New Faces in city halls
The Advocate (Aug. 16, 2010)

Urban Omnibus:  Code for America
Architectural League of New York (August 11, 2010)

Appointments and Memberships
Baton Rouge Business Report (August 9, 2010)

City Hall Fellows to Tap Grads’ Ideas
The Advocate (Aug. 3, 2010)

Baton Rouge City Hall Fellows Named
Baton Rouge Business Report (August 2, 2010)

Best and Brightest: Meet the 2010 Vanguard
Next American City BUZZ (May 3, 2010)

Fellows bring fresh outlook, energy to City Hall and beyond
City Savvy (Spring 2010)

Today: NAC is in San Francisco  (view the slideshow)
Next American City BUZZ, February 22, 2010

Louisiana: The State We’re In: Segment on City Hall Fellows
Louisiana Public Broadcasting (Feb. 16, 2010)

Each One Reach One
The Southern Digest (Feb. 9, 2010)

Fellows Program Lets Graduates Learn Government
The Advocate (Feb. 8, 2010)

Baton Rouge First Mid-Sized City to Join National Service Program
Baton Rouge Today (Feb. 8, 2010)

Generational Change Task Force Report
Government Finance Officers Association Research & Consulting Center (2010), p. 39

What’s Next: Fresh Faces at City Hall
Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2010), p. 56

Comcast Newsmakers
Comcast Newmakers (Dec. 2009)

Ten serving Houston as City Hall Fellows
Houston Woman’s Magazine (Oct. 2009)

A View into Public Service
Houston Chronicle (Sept. 20, 2009)

Alumnae O’Shields, Wilkins net premiere government fellowships
The Collegian (Sept. 10, 2009)

Two HBU Students Selected for Public Policy Fellowship at Houston City Hall
Advancing the Vision, eNews from Houston Baptist University (August 2009)

Two HBU Students Selected for Public Policy Fellowship
News at HBU (July 29, 2009)

Two alumni named City Hall Fellows
Rice University Press Release (July 28, 2009)

City Hall Fellows
HBU News (Summer 2009)

Two Alumni Named City Hall Fellows
Rice News (July 28, 2009)

Announcement of Nancy Brainerd as Program Director
Houston Chronicle (July 26, 2009)

The Future of Cities
Smart City Radio (July 15, 2009)

Henderson ’02 and Stofsky ’04 Win Echoing Green Fellowships
Harvard Law School (July 1, 2009)

Careers in State and Local Government
Harvard Law School Office of Public Interest Advising (Summer 2009) 

Neighbors Notes: City Hall Fellows Receives Fellowship
The Advocate (June 30, 2009)

Katy Native selected for City Hall Fellows
The Katy Times (June 28, 2009)

Henderson Receives Fellowship
Order of Omega (June 2009)

Echoing Green Announces 2009 Roster of Social Entrepreneur Fellows social justice blog (June 21, 2009)

Echoing Green Announces 2009 Fellows
Spark*Blog (June 16, 2009)

Echoing Green Announces 14 New Social Entrepreneurs to Win 2009 Fellowship
PRWeb (June 16, 2009)

The Mayoral Forum Circuit – City Hall Fellows
Mayoral Musings with Nancy Sims (June 12, 2009)

From Googleplex to City Hall
Chico Statements (Spring 2009)

First Tuesdays: City Hall Fellows
Radio Pacifica Houston and Demos Public Works (Feb. 3, 2009)

College Graduates Help Houston as Public Servants
The Houston Chronicle (Dec. 27, 2008)

Houston’s Next Generation of Civic Leaders Report for Duty
City of Houston Press Release (Aug. 15, 2008)

Hastings Welcomes San Francisco’s Inaugural Class of City Hall Fellows
UC Hastings College of Law (Aug. 2008)

Alumni Profile: Stevon Cook
Students Rising Above Website (8/2008)

People & Flashes – August 2008
The Independent Weekly (7/30/08)

Northwest Houston resident named City Hall Fellow
The Leader  (7/10/08)

UHD Grad Wins Prestigious City Hall Fellowship
Dateline: Downtown  (7/7/08)

Hartsfield a City Hall Fellow
Pearland Journal (7/3/08)

The Best’08: Putting Young Idealists to Work
San Francisco Magazine  (July 2008)

Neighbor’s Notes for July 1, 2008: Armah Named City Hall Fellow
The Advocate  (7/1/08)

UL Student Picked for Policy Fellowship
The Advocate (Acadiana Bureau ) (6/28/08)

SU student selected for national public policy fellowship
Southern University System: E-News  (May/June 2008)

Cities of Service. Fellows program opens the doors of city hall to young graduates
LAYOGA (May 2008)

Ricardo Zavala accepted into Houston’s City Hall Fellows Program
Texas State University News (April 2008)

Undergraduate Mai Le selected for inaugural class of City Hall Fellows
University of Oregon Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management (4/11/08)

With fewer applicants, how will cities manage? City manager vacancies traced to a lack of young adults in public service.
Contra Costa Times  (3/2/08)

Program Looks for Civic Leaders
The Daily Cougar (2/14/08)

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