Where We Work

Currently, we are focusing on San Francisco, CA.  To date, we have placed five cohorts of Fellows in San Francisco.  In past years, we also have worked with two other communities: Baton Rouge, LA and Houston, TX.

Click on each community’s name above to learn more about our work there.


Bring City Hall Fellows to Your Community

City Hall Fellows is eager to help more communities find, train and deploy home-grown talent to critical public sector initiatives.  By partnering with us on our core Fellowship program, cities get dedicated, trained squads of motivated public servants who would not have joined local government otherwise. Fellows work on high-need, high-impact municipal initiatives (chosen by you!). A sizeable percentage of Fellows remain in local government for several years post-Fellowship or return after graduate school.  In exchange, we ask our local partners to provide or source funding for their Fellows and for Fellows’ training. Watch this video to discover what we can do for your city, then download our one-page city partner overview to learn more about how we collaborate with local partners for our core Fellowship program:

In addition to our core Fellowship program, City Hall Fellows can help cities train promising existing young staff, recruit or train interns or design in-house next generation leadership development and training programs.

To find out what we can do for your city, please contact or 415-971-2108.

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