There are three main types of federal affordable housing: public housing, project-based rental assistance, and tenant-based Section 8. Read below to find out the differences between each type.
Learn about how public finance works from our board member, Jamie Querubin. In her powerpoint presentation below, she has provided an overview of public debt, standard debt mechanisms, and municipal bond types.
How to wrap your head around bond math. Everything you need to know about bond math (*just enough to make you dangerous) without actually having to do any math.
Public projects can include upgrades to our aging water infrastructure, remodeling a public library, or purchasing equipment for ongoing maintenance on our streets and roads. Follow the steps below to understand how public finance works.
Ever wondered how cities pay for huge multi-million dollar projects? Read the infographic below to learn about three common ways cities issue municipal bonds.
To understand how local government works, you must first understand how your state operates. Among many other things, state law determines the authority vested in local government and state politics affect local government budgets. Find out more below:
Both cities and counties play an important role in our daily lives. While their responsibilities may often seem to overlap they have a distinct purview and often delegate oversight to one another based on the issue.
We often think of cities and towns when it comes to local government, but there are other important local entities that are responsible for coordinating services and policy across multiple jurisdictions. Find out more below:
No city comes in one shape or size, but understanding its structure can help to understand where the power lies and how decisions are made. Find out more below:
A lot goes into running a city. Local governments are tasked with providing an extensive range of public services in addition to promoting the social, economic, and development interests of the residents who live or work there. Find out […]