Placement: Public Utilities Commission – Power Enterprise

What I Worked On: I followed the CARB and CPUC respectively and read the preliminary legislation to determine how they will/would affect the PUC enterprises (for FiTs I looked at how it would affect the GoSolarSF program). Iwas responsible for making flowcharts that reflect the current process for unscheduled outages at TI, the Port, Laguna Honda, Housing Authority Customers, and the airport. Also, I looked into the emergency process for WWE (sewer operations, flooding), CDD (no water/water quality), Water (water quality), and Power (esp. streetlights, also others) in order to see where there are not processes, where there maybe could be more centralized ones, etc.

Hometown : Santa Cruz, CA

School : University of California, Berkeley

Fields of Study : BS, Environmental Economics and Policy

Selected Honors: Graduated with High Honors

Selected Activities and Community Involvement : Berkeley City Council District 8 Intern, Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative, Albany Berkeley Soccer Club Coach, ASUC Sustainability Team Responsible Investment Project Coordinator

Prior Work Experience : Counselor Supervisor, Echo Lake Summer Camp; Soccer Coach, Albany Berkeley Soccer Club; Office Assistant, Les Gardner Property management company

Why San Francisco is important to me : I grew up surrounded by California’s striking beauty, from the beaches and sea cliffs to the giant redwood trees. San Francisco has environmental policy that works towards protecting the state’s natural resources through resource conservation and renewable energy use. The city also has a culture that seems to value sustainability and equality.

Something unique about me : I really enjoy practicing the foreign languages that I know (Spanish and Portuguese) and learning new ones.

What I’m Doing Now:  I stayed on with the SFPUC, where I’m currently an Energy Analyst.