Placement: Department of Public Works

What I Worked On: ¬†Reviewed employment disputes from filed complaints for merit. Investigated pay discrepancies by conferring with payroll and the check writing office. Made comments and recommendations on applications from employees for further workforce training before sending them to the HR assistant director. Acted as a liaison between independent contractors and the administration to ease communication during a large infrastructure overhaul of the city’s sewage and drainage system. Edited job descriptions for pump station maintenance workers to include expertise with new equipment. Maintained an MS Access database – added and removed employee profiles and applicant information. Completed a seven page proposal on job redundancies and excessive management in DPW.¬†Presented a pay scale comparison to the director of DPW concerning employees earning under twenty-thousand dollars a year to similar jobs and pay scales in other cities to show they were comparatively underpaid.

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

School: Louisiana State University

Fields of Study: BA, Business Administration with a Human Resources concentration

Selected Honors: LSU Magna Cum Laude, Rucks Fellow in the LSU Department of Management, Phi Kappa Phi

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Students in Free Enterprise (Secretary), Economics tutoring, Baton Rouge Restoration & Beautification projects with Volunteer LSU

Prior Work Experience: Intern with the Louisiana Workforce Commission

Why Baton Rouge is important to me: I have lived in Baton Rouge all my life and have seen firsthand the potential it has. I want to take part in helping the city grow the way that other capitol cities have. It has the progressive attitude that is essential for my work.

Something unique about me: I am an avid Risk player and have placed in local tournaments.