Rachel -Placement: SFMTA, Technology and Performance

My Hometown: Cypress, CA

My Education: Amherst College – B.A. in Environmental Studies and Danish Institute for Study Abroad – Sustainability in Europe

Selected Honors: Workshop in Environmental Leadership participant, C2C (Campus to Congress, to Capitol, to City Hall, and to Corporation) Fellow, and Climate Protection Professional Certificate recipient.

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Amherst College Coal Divestment Steering Committee member, Five Colleges Sustainability Coalition co-founder, Climate Corps Bay Area fellow, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland Membership and Outreach Committee member, and Young Professionals in Transportation member.

Why San Francisco is important to me: When I graduated from college, the desire to work in climate change adaptation and mitigation was the only requirement I set on my job search. So I never had any intention of living in the Bay Area, but a job opportunity brought me here, and I have become increasingly enamored with this wonderful place I have lived in for about a year. As someone who spent the majority of life in a sleepy suburb, I often find San Francisco to be chaotic and overwhelming, but when I look around at the undulating streets dotted with unique buildings, iconic bridges, expanses of water, and all the people trying to make their way in this crazy world, I feel a sense of calm because there is something beautiful and inspiring about the chaos. This place inspires me with its innovation, topographic beauty/diversity, and passionate people’s desire to invest and build up the place we all call home.

Something unique about me: I strongly believe in and support Girl Scouts because my experiences attending summer camp from 4th – 12th grade gave me the confidence to ask questions, challenge myself, and pursue my passions. In fact, my experiences have been so impactful that I wrote my college essay about a 30-minute activity I participated in that made me realize it’s okay to admit you don’t know something instead of trying to pretend you know what’s going on and missing out on something important. I think this is a quality that is very simple and powerful yet often underrated or mistakenly considered a weakness. I’ll always be grateful to Girl Scouts for lifelong lessons and delicious cookies.