2015-08-02 027Placement: Controller’s Office, City Services Auditor’s Unit

My Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia

My Education: University of North Georgia, Dahlonega GA; Political Science / Spanish

Selected Honors: Graduated Cum Laude, Dean’s List

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: I served 6 years in the United States Marine Corps where I earned the rank of Sergeant. I was deployed to Afghanistan (2010) and Norway (2012). 5k Organizer, Volunteered at Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Georgia Mountain Food Bank, Volunteer Manager for University Beehive Studies, Vice President University Triathlon Team

Why San Francisco is important to me: San Francisco represents a personal challenge, and that is why this city is important to me. The city is quintessentially different than where I grew up. I was raised in rural Georgia, and I never imagined I’d live in a major city. Now I the only mode of transportation I have is a bicycle, I use BART daily, and I’m beginning to understand the allure of urban life. San Francisco is important to me, because the challenges of living here mandate a certain amount of flexibility in my life that stimulates personal growth.

Something unique about me: I enjoy backpacking, and I have hiked hundreds of miles throughout our amazing National Parks!