2015-08-02 042Placement: Controller’s Office, City Services Auditor’s Unit

My Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

My Education: University of Chicago ’12.  BA in Public Policy, Minor in Spanish Language and Literature

Selected Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, graduated with highest honors, received honors for senior thesis

Why San Francisco is important to me: I want to have a career making cities better.  For as long as I’ve been pursuing that goal, I’ve been learning about cities.  And San Francisco has always been there.  Whether it was studying academic journals in college, analyzing best practices for an internship, or just reading online articles for fun, time and again San Francisco appeared.

San Francisco appeared frequently because, in some ways, it leads the conversation on how to address urban issues and make cities better.  At the same time, the city faces an array of challenges — some unique to San Francisco but many common to cities around the world.  I want to contribute to that global conversation by helping solve problems here locally.

Something unique about me:  I planned on-campus concerts and comedy shows as a student at UChicago.  It was a really rewarding experience and gave me some memorable stories.  One highlight was Big Boi (from Outkast) making fun of me for poorly parking a minivan.