Placement: Office of the Controller – City Services Auditor

My Hometown:  Foster City, CA

My Education: Pitzer College, BA in International/Intercultural Studies and Spanish

Selected Honors: Senior Thesis Honors (2012) for “The DREAM Act: The Affect of Media on Public Opinion in 21st Century California”; American Fundraising Professional’s Youth Philanthropy Award (2008); Kodak Young Leaders Award (2008); Jefferson Award Youth Service Initiative (2008)

Selected Activities & Community Involvement: Resident Assistant, Pitzer College Residence Life; Researcher, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law; Intern, Ciudad de Luces of the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition; Knitting Expert and Teacher, Colors91711.

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: An idealist at heart, I flourished in the progressive atmosphere of San Francisco culture and politics as an adolescent.  The mature and exciting older sister to my safe and sheltered Foster City, San Francisco was my beacon of a metropolitan future.  Nonetheless, after having lived in Los Angeles and Quito, Ecuador, I discovered that what impassions me about San Francisco is not measured in tall buildings, high population densities, or cultural events.  It is instead the active choice of its inhabitants to cultivate difference, which makes San Francisco such a wildly wonderful place.  I see this value of diversity reflected in the thriving queer population as well as the establishment of San Francisco as a sanctuary city of undocumented immigrants.  Challenging me in the same way as some of my most difficult college classes, San Franciscans have engaged me in a continuous dialogue about critical thinking and political mindedness. I want to be a part of a local government that accepts the challenge of a diverse constituency, as I feel it is the intersection of differing ideologies and opinions that makes San Francisco such an engaging city to be a part of.

Something Unique about Me: I have been an active crafter since finger painting was all the rage.  Klutz books lined my shelves and my parents had more fridge art than Kenmore door space.  My creative inclinations have since been channeled into knitting and other artistic endeavors; I’ve made 3 sweaters in the past year!  I love to rock climb, my primary form of transportation is my bicycle, you can routinely find cookie crumbs at the bottom of my lunch bag, and I am an avid reader!