Placement: Public Utilities Commission – Waste Water Recovery, Biofuel Collections Division

My Hometown: Grass Valley, California

My Education: Mills College, B.A., Political, Legal and Economic Analysis

Selected Honors: Honors in Social Psychology, Sierra College (2007); Institute for Civic Leadership, Mills College (2011); received my B.A. with Honors, Mills College (2012)

Selected Activities & Community Involvement: Interned at Growing Voices, Co-founder of RISK Dance Company, outdoor enthusiast.

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: San Francisco is a city where anyone can find community belonging. Its diverse population and inclusive environment make it a breeding ground for innovative thought and community activism. The city government has been leader in implementing forward-thinking policies that have had a positive impact on the community and the world. I am extremely excited to work for a city that is willing to take risks in order to shape a better future.

Something Unique About Me: I have traveled to 18 countries outside the U.S. and worked at an orphanage in Kenya. I try to go backpacking once a month – rain, snow or shine.