Placement: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – Financial Planning Division

My Hometown: Oakland, CA

My Education: Oberlin College, B.A., Politics.

Selected Honors: John D. Lewis Memorial Prize for excellence in political theory, Aaron Windavsky Memorial Prize for excellence in American politics and public policy.

Selected Activities & Community Involvement: Student Finance Committee; Founding Member, Johnson House Student Garden Project; Teacher, Breakthrough Collaborative.

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: San Francisco is a radically ambitious democratic experiment, where people of vastly different backgrounds try to resolve their differences and find a way forward. Despite such diversity–and maybe even because of it–the city has emerged as a national leader in policy areas such as immigrant rights, resource management, and healthcare. I am excited to work in the midst of city government, where such policies are developed and ultimately judged by the people whom they serve.

Something Unique About Me: At Oberlin College, I earned the all-time highest career batting average for NCAA Division III baseball. I had one at-bat and hit a single–for a career batting average of 1.000. Needless to say, I will hold the record for all eternity.