Placement: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – Technology & Performance Division

My Hometown: Andover, MA

My Education: Columbia University, B.A. in Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species and Sociocultural Anthropology

Selected Honors: Outstanding First Year Teacher Award (Loyola Marymount University, 2012); Amgen Fellow (Teach For America, 2011); Carl B. Boyer Prize in the History of Science for Senior Thesis: “Hermaphroditism: The Evolution of an Identity” (2011); King’s Crown Leadership Award (2009)

Selected Activities & Community Involvement:  Course Facilitator and Biology Instructor, Leadership Public Schools – Richmond; Strategic Growth, Programming, and Teacher Intern, Breakthrough New York; Residential Advisor; Program Coordinator and Evaluations Officer, Community Impact: Earth Coalition, Board of Directors, Everyone Allied Against Homophobia; Undergraduate Recruitment Committee.

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: Having spent my first 22 years on the East Coast, I have always looked across the country and seen San Francisco as a national and global leader in various sectors, ranging from the environment to LGBT rights. This perspective led me to pack up and move to the Golden Coast to be a part this innovative culture and soak in its vibes. When I arrived in San Francisco I was greeted by smiling strangers and friendly conversation and began to feel my calloused exterior crack and embrace the warmth of the city. Every time I visit a different neighborhood I am reminded of the vibrancy and vitality of San Francisco, and am excited to serve the people of my new home.

Something Unique About Me: I studied abroad in South Africa in an ecology and conservation focused program. This led me to have a close encounter with a pride of lions, cultivate my own insect collection, enjoy a snack of mopane worms, and adjust to life without water after an elephant decided to enter our camp.