Placement: San Francisco International Airport – Revenue Development Management

My Hometown: Danville, CA

My Education: University of Notre Dame, B.A. in Political Science with minors in The Hesburgh Program in Public Service and Peace Studies

Selected Honors: Notre Dame International Security Program Fellow (2012-2013), Lyman Internship in Public Service Award Recipient (2011, 2012), Dean’s List Spring ’11, Fall ’11, Spring ’12, Spring ’13

Selected Involvement: Notre Dame University Affairs Student Council (2010-2011), Notre Dame Leadership Institute Seminar (2010)

Why San Francisco Is Important to Me:  I am invested in San Francisco’s future because I believe it has the potential to not only improve the lives of its own citizens, but of Californians, Americans and beyond by enacting progressive policies of all kinds. In that way, San Francisco is on the forefront of public policy, making this wonderful city an ideal operating setting for innovative leaders in technology, business, and community activism.

Being on the international stage, San Francisco is a force for change in the world. The City government is responsible for shaping the landscape of the city in such a way that it can keep enacting beneficial change.  I am extremely excited to work for the City in a capacity which brings millions of people to this city to work, play, an experience why it is that so many people are proud to call this place home.

Something Unique About Me: I went to Peru on a whim because the United States State Department sent me there for an internship! Although I could not specify certain countries on my internship application, I was sent to Peru because of my intermediate Spanish language skills. I am happy to report that I vastly improved my Spanish skills during my time in South America and enjoyed every moment of my time in Peru.