Placement: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; Financial Planning, Financial Services

My Hometown: Yigo, Guam

Education: University of California, Santa Barbara B.A. in Political Science, Minor in Asian American Studies

Selected Honors: University Service Award, Campus and Community Involvement Award, Emerging Leader Award, Associated Students Commission of the Year

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Pacific Islander Students Association Chair; A.S. LGBT Commission Chair; USSA National Asian Pacific American Student Caucus Chair; National Organizing Director for the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs; UCSB Pride Steering Committee Chair

Why San Francisco is important to me:

During my youth, San Francisco served as a drastic contrast to other places I called home like Guam and the suburb of Concord.  My family loved to visit the city and I looked for every possible chance to venture there on my own. Now, San Francisco takes on a different meaning for me. Its placement in the history of immigration resonates with my own emigrant background and sense of belonging. Growing up in this area, I have witnessed the exchange of ideas and convergence of diverse human experiences that occurs here. This mutual appreciation of difference has strengthened me as a person and allowed the city of San Francisco to stand out in this competitive political and economic age. This city cares for its most vulnerable members and values justice and equity. My shared belief in these intrinsic values connects me to San Francisco. The city is going through a period of dramatic change and in this dynamic time, I am excited to learn from innovative leaders working to create thriving communities.

Something unique about me: I was born on Friday the 13th and can speak the Chamorro language which is endangered. I also am an avid Wikipedia reader, which makes me an asset in Trivial Pursuit.