Placement: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency – Office of the Director, Chief of Staff and Government Affairs Division

My Hometown: Fresno, CA

My Education: UC Berkeley – B.A. in Political Science, minor in Public Policy

Selected Honors: Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society; Dean’s Honor List; Center on Civility and Democratic Engagement, UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy scholarship recipient; Chinese American Citizens Alliance Foundation scholarship recipient

Selected Activities and Community Engagement: Associated Students of the University of California, Chief of Staff for Office of the External Affairs Vice President; Art Director for Office of the President; UC Berkeley Cal Hawai’i Club, Internal Vice President, Design Chair; Sigma Kappa Sorority, Good Standards Committee

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: When I arrived in Berkeley four years ago, little did I know that I would fall madly in love with the city (and the Bay Area in general). Growing up, San Francisco was a foreign place to me and it wasn’t until my time at UC Berkeley that I really came to understand the city. At first it was the various attractions of delicious restaurants, Union Square festivities, and museums that drew me in, but gradually I began to develop an appreciation for the diversity of its people and culture, the political activism of its communities, and the attitude of open-mindedness that permeated the entire city. As I delved into my academics, I began to connect to San Francisco on a deeper level. I realized that I shared the same values of equality and justice that were represented in progressive policies like affordable housing and gay marriage. This city has become my home, and even more importantly, a platform for me to participate in innovative and creative change. I could not be more excited to be serving this forward-thinking city.

Something Unique About Me: I have worked in an entomology lab before, studying the effects of pesticides on citrus pests, particularly the Cottony Cushion Scale! I am a huge art enthusiast. I love creating with my hands, but my expertise is in traditional art and inking. Oh, and I am a major cat lover!