Placement: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission- Emergency Planning & Security

Hometown: Castroville, CA

Education: Santa Clara University:  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Women and Gender Studies, and Creative Writing Minor. Universidad de Alicante, Spain: Fall 2011 Study Abroad Program.

Selected Honors: ELLA (Engaged Latina Leadership Activist) Graduate.

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Policy Intern, Santa Clara County Supervisor; Youth Leadership Program Coordinator, Police Activity League (PAL); Community Service Chair, Hermanas Unidas; Vice President of Marketing, Sigma Lambda Gamma Santa Clara University.

Why San Francisco is Important to Me: When I was nine I left my home in Mexico to move to Castroville, California, a small town two hours south of San Francisco. Having to leave my family behind was difficult but the prospect of visiting San Francisco, a city that I’d only seen on TV, gave me a sense of comfort. I have therefore always admired San Francisco for its cultural vivaciousness. As my interest in social justice issues progressed, I fell in love with San Francisco even more for its status as a leader in progressive politics. I look forward to developing my knowledge of local government functions, the ways in which the local government intersects with the non-profit and private sector, and finally how these intersections can be used to create equity and help alleviate social justice issues like homelessness.

Something Unique About Me: Somehow I got by my first couple of days at school in the US without speaking a word so it took my teacher some time to realize I didn’t speak English. Eventually I made friends with two girls in my fourth grade class neither of whom spoke Spanish but somehow we managed to communicate. I credit them and my crazy tendency to talk to myself to having learned English so fast.