Placement: Public Utilities Commission, Renewable Energy Generation

Project: The GoSolarSF Incentive program is designed to increase the number of residents and businesses placing solar panels on their roofs. The program provides a financial incentive to do this and I worked with the team to run the program.

Hometown: Piedmont, CA

School: Occidental College

Field of Study: Economics

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Captain, Men’s Tennis Team

Prior Work Experience: Teach for America Corps Member, Phoenix, AZ

Why San Francisco is important to me: I am from the Bay Area and feel it is an intellectual hub for the nation where inventive legislation is passed and bold actions are taken.

Something unique about me: I enjoy every type of outdoor activity including skiing, hiking, surfing and all organized sports.

What I’m Doing Now: I’m the Director of Sales at Better Lesson, an innovative educational organization that aggregates and scales the most innovative content and practices from high-performing teachers around the country.  Previously I was Bay Area Executive Director at Peer Health Exchange.  I also taught Math for 7th and 8th graders at East Palo Alto Charter School.