Placement: Houston Police Department, Crime Analysis / Command Center

What I worked on: The majority of my year was spent alternating between Hurricane Ike-related review reports and projects that were assigned to as received by our Department. The Hurricane Ike reports were dominated by an After-Action Report, where I gave an account of what each Division did during the Hurricane and made recommendations on areas for improvement. One of my largest other projects was an evaluation of the Houston Police Department’s motorcycle unit, making an argument for why they should be given a pay increase. My other work was dozens of survey requests, crime stat reports, and research projects on new police equipment, other Departments’ research methods and similar projects, and the consequences of new policies adopted by the Department.

Hometown: Cypress, TX

School: Stanford University

Field of Study: International Relations

Selected Honors: Editor-in-Chief of Stanford Journal of International Relations, President of Pre-Law Society, published eight articles

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Public Interest Law Program, SAT Success tutor

Why Houston is important to me: I was born in Houston and lived there until college, and coming back every summer to see how much had improved was always a highlight of my year.

Something unique about me: I have read every Roger Ebert review ever written, and none of the Twilight books ever written.

What I’m Doing Now: I’m finishing up law school.  I also recently co-founded an online platform to make it easier for parents and other community members to have a say in local public education policy, and spend most of time working on that.