Placement: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – Water Enterprise, Water Resources – Water Conservation

What I worked on: The SFPUC Water Enterprise provides water to retail customers in San Francisco and 27 wholesale customers in Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. My Division was responsible for developing additional water supplies to diversify the SFPUC water supply portfolio and meet water demands in the retail and wholesale service area. I worked on three separate initiatives.

My primary project was supporting the low-income direct install programs. My Division was one year into a 3-year pilot effort to address the needs of our low-income customers through a targeted audit and toilet installation program. The audit and administration portions began last year, providing customers with free inspections and a variety of free fixtures while determining program eligibility. That year, we replaced 2,000 high use toilets with high quality, high efficiency models. We implemented this program in collaboration with a local community-based organization that is employing and training community members to support the program needs. I helped develop an RFP for the installer, managing communications, administration and scheduling between the installer and auditors, tracking reporting and helping develop and track a QA/QC process.

My second project was supporting the development and implementation of a 4th and 5th grade education program about water conservation. I worked with staff from SFPUC as well as Department of Environment and SFUSD to integrate what we’ve developed into the school curriculum and develop any additional materials they need. This was an exciting year to do this because the SFUSD was focusing that school year on water, making it a fantastic opportunity to reach out to educators and students. Finally, I supported in development of the Conservation annual report.

Hometown: Napa, CA

School: UC Berkeley

Fields of Study: Film Studies & Political Economy of Industrial Societies

Selected Honors: Matthew M. Lyon Prize in Photography (2007)

Selected Activities and Community Involvement: Photography Mentor, First Exposures; Crisis Line Counselor, Alameda Crisis Support Services

Prior Work Experience: Housing & Community Services Coordinator, Walden House (2008-2009); Education & Outreach Specialist, Sentinel Fair Housing (2007-2008)

Why San Francisco is important to me: San Francisco provides what should be demanded from any good city, namely, diversity. The byproduct of diversity is that a larger variety of economic enterprises are created, more people’s needs are met, and life overall is made more interesting.

Something unique about me: I am a photographer who still shoots on film.

What I’m Doing Now: I work for a nonprofit, VISIONS Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired.